Two-way VHF and HF radio networks to cover common operational areas.

Ref. Req. Time Title Description
S1.0 Standard 1st day Independent security communications network with coverage of a limited area

"Simplex" operation on pre-defined emergency channels. Pre-programming of radios to the correct frequency prior to departure is required.

S1.1 Standard 1st week Basic coverage of a common operational area

Basic coverage around the main operational center. This service may require re-programming of the equipment

S1.2 Standard 3rd week Extended coverage of a common operational area

Extended coverage within Common Operational Areas, including dedicated channels

S2.0 Standard 1st week Communications Centre (COMCEN)

A fully operational Communications Center, including necessary radio equipment, independent power supply and a sufficient number of trained staff

S3.0 Standard 3rd week Radio Training

A dedicated radio trainer is deployed to give operators and users skills to use radio equipment properly

S4.0 Standard 1st week Radio Programming

A service desk will provide configuration of handheld and mobile radios. The service will be limited to support specific brands and models