Pacific Island Communications and Infrastructure (PICI) Panel Meeting

Nadi, Fiji
11:00 am GMT+12

The Pacific Island Communications Infrastructure (PICI) Panel was established by the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC) to serve in the capacity of an advisory and coordination committee to the PMC on matters concerning the infrastructure, communications and dissemination of national and regional hydro-meteorological and tsunami (seismic and sea level) observations, forecasts, and warnings in the Pacific region. The PICI Panel previously existed as the Ranet ad-hoc working group on communications that was set up in 2003 at the Regional Meteorological Directors Meeting (RMSD) in Va’vau, Tonga.

The PICI Panel is an expert arm of the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC) established to look into gaps and issues relating to weather infrastructure and communications in the region. The PICI Panel meeting on 13 & 15 May 2017 will be attended by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services Directors, Pacific Meteorological Council members, regional development partners as well as other climate stakeholders from Pacific Island Countries.

The Pacific ETC will participate in day one of the PICI Panel Meeting on 13 May 2017.

Objectives of the PICI Panel Meeting (13 & 15 May 2017):

  1. Engagement of the key partners in the region to discuss issues relating to communication of meteorological information
  2. Review of the PICI ToR and the existing priorities and its implementation plan
  3. Contribution to the PIMS Review priorities relating to communications and infrastructure
  4. Develop an implementation plan for the PICI Panel on key priority issues
  5. Discuss the PMC Agenda and the Second Pacific Ministerial Meeting in Meteorology (PMMM-2) and how the PICI Panel and its partners present their progress and recommendations

Expected Outcome of the PICI Panel Meeting (13 & 15 May 2017):

  1. PICI members and partners discussion on the PICI workplan
  2. A draft implementation plan for the PICI developed with contribution from partners linked to the Pacific Islands Meteorological Strategy (PIMS) priorities
  3. Clarification on the PICI presentation to the PMC-4