Current Emergencies

ETC activated
ETC Activities: 

The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) was activated on 28th April 2015 to provide common telecommunication services to the humanitarian community responding to the crisis. WFP is leading ETC activities.

ETC Yemen project includes:

  1. Establish, upgrade and maintain Security Telecommunications services 
  2. Provide shared Internet Connectivity services
  3. Provide solar charging stations
  4. Coordination and Information-Sharing


Country Profile: 

Use of the Internet in Yemen began in 1996 through ISPs TeleYemen and the Public Telecommunications Corporation

Yemen had 2.349 million Internet users in 2011, up from 295,232 in 2008, and 270,000 in 2006

The top-level domain for Yemen is .ye


Yemen had 11.7 mobile cellular subscribers in 2011, up from 6.271 million mobile cellular subscribers in 2008


UNDSS and the ETC provide 24/7 radio room for the humanitarian community

There is currently no dedicated NGO channel, however this will be implemented in the current operation


According to the World Bank, Yemen has the lowest level of electricity connection in the Middle East, with only 40% of the population having access to electricity

Voltage in Yemen is 220 - 230 volts

Plug types used are A, D and G


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