ETC to Participate in TRIPLEX 2016

TRIPLEX is a 5-day event, comprising a 2-day pre-exercise workshop and a 3-day full-scale, civilian-led humanitarian field exercise with the aim to practice the international humanitarian response in a simulated sudden-onset emergency scenario. Held every three years, TRIPLEX is organized by the International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP).

The main focus of TRIPLEX is on exercising the cooperation, humanitarian coordination and joint response planning of humanitarian, civil protection, military and other actors, as well as the provision of support to humanitarian operations. TRIPLEX 2016 will take place in the southernmost part of Norway, 24 – 30 September.

In 2016, the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) network of partners will once again participate in TRIPLEX, deploying share communications services for the response community. Standard ETC services to be deployed include: Security Communications and Voice & Data Connectivity services.

For the first time, the ETC will also be deploying Services for Communities, a key element of the ETC strategy which seeks to ensure that by 2020, all those responding to humanitarian emergencies – including affected populations – have access to vital communications services.

The 12-person ETC response team for TRIPLEX 2016 comprises representatives from Ericsson Response, Government of Luxembourg, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and global lead of the ETC, World Food Programme (WFP). For individuals, TRIPLEX tests their ability to effectively perform in a high-stress environment, as would be required in an actual emergency operation.

ETC participation is being coordinated by Haidar Baqir and Wayne Ffoulkes from the WFP IT Emergency Preparedness and Response Branch. In its capacity as global ETC lead, WFP will also exercise its UAV coordination model.

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