Intro to IT Emergency Management - Instructor Support

This page describes the resources and services available to instructors of the Intro to IT Emergency Management Training. Any experienced IT emergency manager who has attended the full two-week IT Emergency Management Training in Pisa is able to instruct this course. It is not necessary to be a WFP staff member to access these resources.

Support from WFP

The main contact point for support on delivering this training is FITTEST Training Services. The team can be contacted by writing to   

Resources Required

In general, the main resources needed are:

  • The latest version of the course CD - this can be downloaded on request. Contact us for details.  As of July 2013 the latest version is 4.03.

  • 'Go-Kit' - the Go-Kit is an essential part of the Intro to IT Emergency Management course and the training cannot be conducted without it. Allow at least three weeks before starting the training to become familiar with the materials. Contact us for the Go-Kit.
  • A good classroom
  • Laptop and projector
  • Access to printing service - a large number of documents need to be printed for this course
  • The written test - contact us for a copy of the test and marking guide

There are other minor resources required - these are detailed in the Instructors Guide on the course CD.

Support Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, the FITTEST Training Services team can also assist with the following:

  • Creating and distributing attendance certificates
  • Managing training records
  • Collating feedback from students and instructors
  • Updating the course content and design as appropriate
  • Providing access to subject matter experts for instructors to gain a better understanding of any given topic