APT 10th Policy and Regulation Forum for the Pacific (PRFP-10)

Nadi, Fiji
11:00 am GMT+12

The Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) will organize the 10th Policy and Regulation Forum for Pacific (PRFP-10) from 25 to 27 April 2017 in Nadi, Fiji. The forum will be hosted by the Ministry of Communications, Republic of Fiji, and supported by extra budgetary contributions from Australia and Japan.

The objective of PRFP-10 is to bring together the telecommunications and ICT policy makers and regulators from the Pacific region for a dialogue on issues faced by them. The forum will focus on topics including:

(1)  Policy and Regulation International Trends and Update of the Pacific
(2) Policy and regulation of Over-The-Top (OTT)
(3) Update on Licensing Mechanism
(4) Satellite and Submarine Connectivity
(5) Universal Access for the Pacific Countries: Challenges and Opportunities
(6) Perspective of Spectrum Management in the Pacific and Challenges to Tackle
(7) International Mobile Roaming, Resource Protection: Cyber Threat and Security 
(8) Issue of Climate Change and Importance of Telecommunication and ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The forum will be preceded by a 1 day workshop on the topic of satellite connectivity, which is jointly organized by an Affiliate Member of the APT on 24 April, 2017.