ETC2020 Implementation

The ETC network is working on a number of initiatives, projects and activities to progressively achieve Vision 2020. Implementation of ETC2020 is a collaborative effort, involving the entire ETC network, including humanitarian, private sector and government organisations.

Interested organisations are invited to be involved in ETC2020 Projects, Tactical Working Groups and long-term implementation planning.

The ETC2020 Implementation Roadmap outlines high-level deliverables and timelines over the next 5 years. To get involved, contact

ETC2020 Projects

ETC2020 Projects are being developed and rolled out in specific contexts to test new operational models, before scaling up. Projects range from developing preparedness plans for better disaster communication among communities in Nepal, to developing a profile of ICT actors, policies, capacities in Haiti.

For information on ongoing projects, and how you can be involved, see ETC2020 Projects.

Tactical Working Groups

Tactical Working Groups (TWG) support implementation of ETC2020 through providing domain expertise. Groups on Preparedness, Governance, Solutions, Communication with Communities (CwC), Training, and Visibility & Branding have been established, with participation from across the ETC network.

For information on active working groups, and how you can be involved, see Tactical Working Groups.