Start/End dates
2015 / 2016

Working Group on Governance supported open and transparent decision-making for projects developed under the ETC 2020 strategy. 


A Governance Tactical Working Group was launched in December 2015 to support open and transparent decision making for projects developed under the ETC 2020 strategy. The group was to ensure that the projects and activities outlined under the strategy and the implementation plan developed in 2015 are properly monitored, reviewed and supported. In addition, the Governance Working Group was tasked with developing a range of short-term to long-term strategies and actions designed to remove impediments to the execution of the ETC 2020 strategy and build capacity for its execution. 

All ETC2020 Working Groups have since transitioned into a more ‘consultative’ type role, carrying forward activities that emerged from discussions. ETC members expressed the need though to have a type of governance or steering committee to support ETC2020 implementation.

Led by the Global ETC, organisations that participated in the Governance Working Group include: Ericsson Response, Government of Luxembourg, NetHope, Plan International and World Vision International.