On the morning of 5 October, Hurricane Matthew, the Caribbean's worst storm in nearly a decade hit parts of the Bahamas, Haiti and Cuba. Hurricane Matthew caused significant damage in the three countries, exacerbating existing vulnerabilities.

Hurricane Matthew affected 1.4million people in Haiti, and caused 336 deaths in seven departments from southeast to northwest. 

On 10 October 2016, the humanitarian community, in coordination with the Government of Haiti, launched a three-month Flash Appeal aiming to provide life-saving assistance to 750,000 people. The appeal requests $120 million to implement the activities.

The ETC has not been activated in response to Hurricane Matthew. As global lead of the ETC, the World Food Programme (WFP) is convening the Haiti ICT Working Group, collaborating with government, private sector and humanitarian partners on the ground to ensure a coordinated response.

On behalf of the Haiti ICT Working Group, the ETC is appealing for US$720,000 for a six month operation, covering: 

  • Provision of shared internet connectivity at 5x sites
  • On-site user support services
  • Capacity-building with Haitian authorities
  • Dedicated Haiti ICT Working Group Coordinator
  • Remote Information Management Support.

Supported by: 


Updates from the ground will be shared in the Discussion Forum

Funding Status

0.72 M$

Percentage received:

65.50 %


0.2484 M$

Key Operational Gaps: 

Mobile networks are available in both Jeremie in Grand-Anse and Les Cayes in Sud, as are 2G mobile data services, however coverage varies outside of populated areas. 


Power shortages are reported. Humanitarian organisations are using their own generators in the country to overcome this challenge. 

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Christopher Alagna

Haiti ICT Working Group focal point

Gabriela Alvarado

Regional IT Officer - Latin American and the Caribbean
Panama City, Panama
+507 317 3988
/ +507 6267 9126

Erika Iglesias

Information Management Officer
Dubai, UAE