Hurricane Matthew is currently a strong tropical cyclone over the Atlantic Ocean. It impacted Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, and it is currently expected to continue northwestward to affect The Bahamas in the very near future.

Organisations involved in a humanitarian IT response in the Hurricane Matthew affected countries are encouraged to share information below or email


Haiti ICT Working Group updates: 

  • The Telecommunications working group has now completed the recovery of its satellite dish connections from Les Cayes and Jere-mie, along with the majority of the Ericsson supplied equipment. A guest wifi remains at the COUDs and logistics base in each loca-tion.
  • In total 12 sites in Jeremie and 4 in Les Cayes have a free wifi connection being used by 971 humanitarians from 205 organi-zations, including the Department of Civil Pro-tection (DPC), UN agencies and NGOs.
  • The rehabilitation of Community radio stations in Grande-Anse and Sud, with the Working Group planning to refurbish 4 community radio stations should be operational by mid-March. Equipment has started arriving in Haiti, with the deployments planned to start first week of February.

Haiti ICT Working Group updates: 

  • The Telecommunications Working group is committed to helping communities access vital humanitarian information in the way that they want to receive it. The sector will improve community radio stations’ abilities to transmit important, localized messages and invite increased community dialogue on humanitarian issues.
  • In coordination with partners, four radio stations in the worst affected areas of Gande Anse, Sud and Nippes will be rehabilitated and provided with basic power and ICT support by the end of January 2017.
  • Recovery of satellite VSATs in Les Cayes (department of Sud) has been completed, leaving behind common internet connectivity at the Centre d’Operations d’Urgence Departemental (COUD), the Logistics base and the OCHA office.
  • The ICT Working Group is currently hosting the Direction de la Protection Civile (DPC) technical staff from Port-au-Prince in Jeremie (department of Grande-Anse). These staff are responsible for providing and supporting IT and telecommunications services for the DPC.
  • The purpose of ICT for hosting DPC is to demonstrate what services were provided to the DPC and humanitarian community during the Hurricane response. This is also an opportunity for the ICT working group to provide further IT support to the DPC in Jeremie.

Highlights from the field mission carried out by Internews in Haiti:

Media outlets in SOUTH

Several media outlets have equipment damaged by water. They didn’t expect that the wind would push so much water inside and media owners were taking shelter elsewhere so couldn’t try and protect their equipment. They are drying the equipment, waiting to see if it will work again.

Inverters and generators have been swamped with water. Media owners have made an effort to try and get them started. There is no electricity from the national electrical grid and fuel availability is low, so energy remains an issue even for those who have less damage.

Three media have used makeshift towers to resume broadcasting with use of limited equipment. Their coverage is reduced and signal quality is low.

Internews provided technical support to some media outlets to repair some electric equipment and optimise whatever resources and equipment they had whiles carrying its technical evaluation.

Telecoms in SOUTH

Digicel network seems to be up to 60% up in the South but varies a lot from an area to another even in les Cayes itself. Several relays suffer from the same energy supply issues that the media outlets are experiencing, water in the generator or lack of refueling.

Conatel network is almost completely out. Many antennas are down.

Telecoms in JEREMIE

Remains very problematic and congested but Digicel is working hard and fast to restore its network. Will have more info tomorrow on Jeremie.

I received a phone call this afternoon from a deployed team in Les Cayes.  Voice quality was very good.  They reported having decent 3G coverage in the center of town, but it dropped to Edge moving out from there.  It is not known if that represents a change from the normal status.


Also, they reported that the Antoine Simone airport is fully operational, and they did not observe any water on the runway.  They flew in/out from there in a Cessna 207.  I’ve been advised that it has a 3,200 foot runway.

Latest Mobile Coverage Map of Dicigel services (as of 7.Oct.16) - Courtesy of

They will also be posting on Relief web with additional information.

Extracts from the first Hurricane Matthew Sitrep released by International Medical Corps on 05 October:

Haiti: Communication with Grand-Anse has been down since the storm passed, further contributing to the difficulty assessing the damage and impact on residents. The Government of Haiti’s (GOH) National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) released preliminary assessment findings on October 4, and the GOH has already issued a call for international assistance. The impact of the rain combined with storm surge flooded communities, destroying communications, transport, and housing infrastructure, particularly in the south.

The Bahamas: Comprising approximately 700 islands, much of the Bahamas are low-lying, rendering them particularly vulnerable to tropical cyclones and related impacts. Contingency and response plans have been activated, including: placing assessment, relief, and recovery teams on stand-by and distribution of communications equipment to outlying islands.

PDF iconHurricane Matthew External Situation Report 1.pdf

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