Past Emergencies

ETC Activities: 

The ETC was activated in 2015 following the 7.9 magnitude earthquake which struck the centre of the country.

Even before, and especially following, the quake Nepal had a well-established ICT Working Group, bringing together humanitarians, private sector and governmental bodies to coordinate emergency preparedness and response for the country. As global lead of the ETC, the World Food Programme (WFP) coordinates the ICT Working Group in Nepal. 

Given this cooperative environment, an ETC2020 Pilot Project was conducted Nepal, focusing on Communications with Communities (CwC)

To participate in the ICT Working Group in Nepal, contact:

Country Profile: 

Some local internet services providers (ISPs) are available – Lumbini Net, Worldlink Subisu

  • Ncell and Nepal Telecommunications are the two main Mobile Network Operators. 
  • Ncell claim they reach 99% of the population

There is security telecommunications network. Chanel 6 is the dedicated NGO channel in Gorkha, Chautara and Charikot. Channel 1 available in Kathmandu. Only 24/7.

  • Main power companies: NEC
  • In Nepal the standard voltage is 230 V.
  • The standard frequency is 50 Hz.
  • Power sockets use are type C and D. 

Nepal Telecoms Authority (NTA) is the regulator

Early Warnings

Monsoon season is here which could hamper access to ETC sites. Monsoon could also trigger landslides, mudslides and floods.


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