Local ETC/ICT Working Group

Local ETS Maiduguri Working Group

OCHA conference room- Red Roof - Maiduguri
15:30 pm GMT

Dear Colleagues,                                                                    

You are invited to participate in a Local Emergency Telecommunications Sector (ETS) Working Group meeting in Maiduguri on Wednesday 30 May at 14:30 at the OCHA Conference Room [located in Red Roof (IHP base camp]) in Maiduguri. During this meeting, attendees will have the opportunity to express their connectivity requirements to the International Service Provider (ISP) EMC/Global Eagle used by the ETS in NE Nigeria to find a way forward.  

Proposed agenda*:        

  • Brief update on progress of ETS project in NE Nigeria
  • Discussion with EMC/Global Eagle representative
  • AOB

* If there are any points you wish to add, please send them to Nigeria.ETS@wfp.org