Let's Comm Analogue / Digital training - Nigeria

Maiduguri, Nigeria
12:00 pm GMT

The ETS will deliver a the Let’s Comm Digital/Analogue training course during the second week of September in Maiduguri. This course aims at building the capacity and capability of local ICT responders in the field of radio communications and, more specifically, in the deployment and usage of digital radio technology to ensure humanitarian operations are carried out in a safely manner. This training will consist of two five-day courses and will be delivered by highly experienced technical emergency trainers from WFP’s Fast IT, Telecommunications and Coordination Support Services Team (FITTEST).

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Plan, deploy and maintain UN standard radio infrastructure networks;
  • Plan, deploy and maintain the ETC standard digital network – Digital Mobile Radio (DMR);
  • Deploy the MotoTRBO Digital Mobile Radio (VHF/UHF) in analogue and digital mode (handsets and infrastructure);
  • Deploy HF CODAN (handsets and infrastructure);
  • Deploy DMR equipment in analogue mode;
  • Plan for an analogue to digital network migration, including single site and multiple site configurations.

The course will comprise both intensive theory and practical training in the installation and configuration of handheld radios, mobile radios and repeaters to the standard configuration used in humanitarian emergencies. The deployment of the DMR equipment in analogue mode, and planning for an analogue to digital migration coupled with the system topologies covered (including single site and multiple site configurations) will also form a key component of this course syllabus.