Local ETC/ICT Working Group

Cox's Bazar Local ETS Working Group Meeting #2

IOM meeting room
10:00 am GMT

Dear All,

 World Food Programme (WFP), in its capacity as global lead of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC), is supporting the Inter-Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) by addressing common Information and Communication Technology (ICT) needs. Through the establishment of the Emergency Telecommunications Sector (ETS) Working Group (WG), WFP and its partners will ensure a coordinated ICT response, an effective delivery of IT operations and support to those working on the provision of life-saving assistance to the affected populations.

Therefore, you are invited to the next local ET Sector Working Group meeting to:

  1. Share Information about other organisations ICT plans, gaps and requirement.

  2. Share the findings on the current telecommunications setup for the response;

  3. Discuss the contingency planing for the cyclone season

  4. AOB

Date: 23/10/2017

Venue: IOM

Time: 14:00 (local time)