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ETS supports responders following Rohingya fire

Following the fire that broke out a week ago at the Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, the ETS has mobilized to support the rescue teams in the affected areas.

The plan is to provide critical connectivity to responders in three sites, starting with IOM’s LPG site in Camp 9 serving population for camp 8E and Camp 9 where ETS connectivity is now up and running. Many members of the affected population lost all their documents in the fire so ETS connectivity will enable humanitarian actors to connect to the biometric server to ensure all those who are eligible to receive assistance will continue to do so.

The team is now planning to provide connectivity in a distribution point in Camp 9 and Camp 18.

All the above data connectivity services will be supported with 100% offgrid solar power to ensure responders can still conduct their lifesaving work even if the power goes out.