Ref. Number: 
Standard/Optional service: 
Activation time: 
1st week
Service summary text: 
Act as the single focal point with government authorities on behalf of the humanitarian community for all radio, voice and data communications related matters including importation, frequency licensing and customs support. Frequency usage/control and allocation (VHF and HF).
The humanitarian community needs to liaise with respective local government agencies in order to facilitate compliance with local regulations, frequency allocation, licenses, importation of equipment and coordination with local providers.

The local ETC coordinator or designate will act as focal point with local government agencies to facilitate and enable the use and importation of emergency ICT equipment and approval of licenses that may be required.

Service Description Status: 
Standard features: 
- Identification of importation requirements including permits, licences and fee information. - Frequency allocation and spectrum use for VHF, HF and satellite communications. - Information access for compliance and regulations for voice and data communications. - Coordination with local telecommunications providers.
Optional features: 
- Advocate on behalf of ETC members in respect to importation of ICT related equipment. - Where applicable, support host governments in implementation of commitments related to Tampere convention.
Activation trigger: 

Emergency is declared and ETC activated

Deactivation trigger: 

Emergency is declared and ETC activated

Time for service delivery after activation: 
Initiated within 24 hours and on-going as required by the specific local context and/or issues.
Responsibilities of service recipients: 

To inform the ETC Coordinator of importation and licensing requirements for ICT equipment and services.

Cost to service recipients: 
No cost of the service during the project
Technical support: 
Local ETC, Global ETC
Name of provider(s): 
Global Cluster lead