Ref. Number
Standard/Optional service
Activation time
Within 24h
Service summary text
Shared basic internet connectivity distributed from a single location (internet cafe). Access to corporate webmail only.Service is available for a selected list of users only.

- Level 3 description (draft)

- GATR Setup description
- GATR Setup checklist
Humanitarian workers need to constantly be connected to internet in order to send and receive data traffic/e-mail

Shared basic internet connectivity distributed from a single location (internet cafe). The solution will provide WLAN standard IEEE 802.11b/g. Access only to cooperate webmail. Using portable high-speed data satellite terminals or through local broadband links if available.

Service Description Status
Standard features
- Secured and encrypted Wi-Fi network distributed from a single location (Internet café).
- Shared bandwidth.
- Basic fax services (via scan – email).

Available for a selected list of users only.
Activation trigger

Emergency declared and ETC activated. Assessment confirmed no reliable data connectivity is available or services required in a new location where there is no reliable data connectivity.

Deactivation trigger

Reliable data connectivity is established/re-established or emergency project completed and services are decommissioned or hand-over arrangements established (MOU)

Time for service delivery after activation
Service available within 24 hrs. after activation/granted access
Authorisation from local government might be required
Responsibilities of service recipients

Organizations need to provide end-user devices and handle support of ICT equipment and applications for individual organization staff.

Specifications for end-user terminals

Wi-Fi enabled device. WLAN standard IEEE 802.11b/g. Traffic filtering Firewall, only critical traffic allowed.

Cost to service recipients
No cost of the service during the project
Technical support
The service provider will be responsible for the operations of all hardware, software and network equipment and service availability throughout the project duration. The ETC Coordinator is the focal point for technical support issues.
Maintenance arrangements
Same as Technical Support, see above
Name of provider(s), Ericsson Response, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
Provider contact details
Local ETC Coordinator
Sponsoring agency/ MoU
World Food Programme