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Standard/Optional service
Activation time
1st week
Service summary text
Implementation of or collaboration with existing, regular ICT inter-organization meetings (e.g. ETC WG, ICTWG). Collaboration Forum description.
To provide an electronic platform for information exchange and collaboration for ETC members and other humanitarian organizations at the local and global level. To nurture the exchange of ideas concerning the global ETC business.

- The forum provides a facility for the humanitarian community to exchange ideas and collaborate on current country specific and global ETC related issues.
- The forum is a repository of information about previous emergencies.
- The forum fosters the development of an ICT Community of Practice (CoP) where users can browse training opportunities, share common approaches, access common tools and share best practices.
- The forum provides for public information related to ETC activities.
- The forum is used as a repository for the global ETC meetings, plenary and other related bodies.

Service Description Status
Standard features
- Web platform
- Moderator
- User authentication
- Country/emergency specific standardized sub sites.
- Thematic sub sites (training, meetings, events, best practices).
Subscriptions (RSS)
- Users can post content.
- Users can comment on posts.
Optional features
Activation trigger

ETC Cluster activation/deactivation

Deactivation trigger

ETC Cluster activation/deactivation

Cost to service recipients
No cost of the service during the project
Technical support
Local ETC, Global ETC