Ref. Number: 
Standard/Optional service: 
Activation time: 
1st week
Service summary text: 
Charging station for portable devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. 230v EU type power outlets will be provided.
Humanitarian workers need to charge batteries in portable devices such as laptops and mobile phones

A centralized service that provides access to 230V EU type power outlets.

Service Description Status: 
Standard features: 
Provision of 230V EU power outlets
Activation trigger: 

Emergency declared and no reliable electrical power available.

Deactivation trigger: 

Emergency project completed and services are decommissioned or hand-over arrangements established (MOU) or reliable electrical power established.

Time for service delivery after activation: 
First week
Responsibilities of service recipients: 

Service recipients need to bring chargers for devices.

Cost to service recipients: 
No cost of service during project.
Technical support: 
Customer service 1.0 help desk
Maintenance arrangements: 
Not applicable