Ref. Number
Standard/Optional service
Activation time
within 24h
Service summary text
Basic voice connectivity to the international phone network for the humanitarian community.
Humanitarian workers need to communicate via voice channels to perform quick response work.

Provide voice connectivity for the humanitarian community.

Basic voice connectivity to the international phone network for the humanitarian community. The quantitative level depends on if there is an agreement with a service provider to connect to the international phone network and the satellite bandwidth. Also the switching capacity needs to be considered. The GSM equipment can switch thousands of calls and provide hundreds of voice channels.

Voice connectivity to the international phone network through a number of dedicated channels depending on available lines or available/subscribed bandwidth. Voice connectivity between local users is provided.

Install and maintain a local voice exchange between organizations and individuals independent from (but possibly connected to) global or local public services.

Service Description Status
Standard features
GSM voice
Optional features
Details of service level
Activation trigger

- Emergency declared and ETC activated.
- Assessment confirmed no reliable data connectivity is available or services required in a new location where there is no reliable data connectivity.

Deactivation trigger

Reliable data connectivity is established/re-established or emergency project completed and services are decommissioned or hand-over arrangements established (MOU)

Time for service delivery after activation
Within two weeks
Authorisation from local government to use the GSM frequencies in the country is needed.
Responsibilities of service recipients

Organizations will need to provide suitable phone handsets (might be provided in some cases) while SIM cards will be provided.

Specifications for end-user terminals


Cost to service recipients
No cost for the local services during project. Costs of long distance/off net calls will be covered by each user organization either directly to the network supplier or on a cost recovery basis.
Technical support
Maintenance arrangements
Name of provider(s)
Emergency Telecommunications Cluster Lead Agency, Ericsson Response
Provider contact details
Local ETC Coordinator
Sponsoring agency/ MoU
World Food Programme