Start/End dates
2015 onwards

In recognition of communities’ role in first response, ETC2020 improves and decentralises response readiness activities, ensuring local people, processes and equipment solutions are ready to activate rapid communications responses to disasters.


With disasters becoming more frequent, more prolonged and more complex, humanitarians must be prepared to launch rapid and effective responses, often to concurrent emergencies. This requires knowledge of existing national communications structures, and ready-to-deploy local, regional and global resources, partners, equipment and personnel.

The ETC network prepares the human capacity, technical solutions, partnerships, procedures and funds to initiate a coordinated response to multiple and concurrent large-scale disasters within 24 hours from an official request, with a focus on key high-risk countries.

After identifying and mapping communications landscapes, capacities, partners and needs, local, regional and global partnerships are being built. Existing technologies and processes are being enhanced. A global roster of inter-agency experts (fitting both traditional and new expertise profiles) is being identified, trained, tested and deployed. New technologies and processes are being tried, tested and tracked for future deployment to appropriate contexts.  Advance funding will be available for immediate response.