Start/End dates
2015 / 2016

The ETC2020 Pilot Project in the Philippines focused on “Increased Communications Resilience to Disasters”, “Improved and Decentralised Response Readiness” and “Enhanced Communications and Energy”, with the aim of empowering MNOs in the Philippines with the ability to recover connectivity and communication services as quickly as possible to serve affected populations, government and the humanitarian response community, especially after a disaster.


The objectives of the ETC2020 Philippines project were:

  • To raise awareness regarding the international humanitarian system, principles and standards (including ETC2020 strategy)
  • To assess the preparedness / operational resilience of service providers to ensure quick and efficient network recovery
  • To open the ETC partnership ecosystem to enable the mobile network operators strengthen their response readiness
  • To develop a replicable model of building communications resilience with telecommunications service providers
  • To demonstrate the ability of local operators to support the humanitarian community
  • To build relationships and learn from each other.

The project has been divided into two phases, with phase one concluded following a mission to the Philippines in April 2016. First phase preparedness recommendations include revival of national ETC (or ICT) Working Groups which meet regularly, with representation from government, private sector as well as humanitarians. Development of a detailed country profile and a lessons learned exercise were also recommended.

The second phase of the Philippines project will include an emergency simulation/drill to be held in early 2017, with final conclusions and project completion expected by mid-year 2017. Phase two will provide insights into existing gaps and needs in order to support preparedness and long term resilience with potential deployment of solutions that support the ETC2020 strategy. The final report after phase two completion will list recommendations, lessons learned and projections for building best practices to present to other vulnerable countries.

The concept needs to be updated as per the assessment results and an exit strategy developed.

Led by Ericsson Response, organisations which contributed to development of the ETC2020 Philippines Project include: Globe Telecom, GSMA, National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation (PDRF), SMART Communications and WFP Regional Bureau Asia and Philippines Country Office, supported by the Global ETC Cell.

Led by:                                                Funded by:



Government of Luxembourg, Ministry for Development Cooperation & Humanitarian Affairs