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The ETC2020 Pilot Project in Liberia will focus on Enhanced Communications and Energy.

Concept Development

Liberia is proposed as a pilot country where the ETC could deliver a project which falls into the government resilience thematic area of the 2020 strategy. Liberia emerged from civil war in 2003 with almost all of its infrastructure destroyed. Since then, the aid community has worked with the government to rebuild infrastructure and systems, Whilst there has been significant progress in and around Monrovia, the capital, elsewhere infrastructure and services are still very weak. The recent Ebola crisis was considered a major setback for Liberia. The healthcare system system in particular suffered.


The overarching goal for this pilot is to deliver a working HF radio network to allow the government to be able to coordinate responses nationally and to have the means to communicate with remote communities.


  1. Define with the Government of Liberia which department will own and coordinate radio communications infrastructure.
  2. Develop communications protocals to be used during crisis (who communicates, how information is managed etc)
  3. Review existing radio technologies across all civil government departments (Mainly MOH&SW) to see how they are currently being used. Identify ways how usage can be improved (apporpiate frequencies, channel  allocation etc).
  4. Enhance radio skills amongst all radio operators through the delivery of a training programme. Ideally a TOT aporach is needed here so that there remains a sustainable training programme after the pilot is complete.
  5. Enhance infrastructure management so that the radio network remains fit for purpose. This work would include developing a support function, routinemaintaiance and supply chain.

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