EMERGENCY ALERT: Vanuatu, Cyclone Donna

Tropical Cyclone Donna is currently located north of Port Vila, the capital and largest city of Vanuatu. This out-of-season cyclone (usually lasting from November to April) is advancing westward and it will intensify in the coming days. Cyclone Donna is expected to bring damaging winds and heavy rain to Vanuatu over the weekend.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), which will be coordinating the response effort, has activated the National Emergency Operations Centre and the national cluster system.

No request for international assistance has been made by the government yet, but the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) is closely monitoring the situation. ETC Pacific team present in the region since November, is ready to support the regional and local responders if required. The ETC Pacific Coordinator is in touch with national actors, including Vanuatu NDMO, and the Office of the Government. 

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