Digicel Fiji says they are ready to send emergency SMS in disasters

The Fiji Times reports that Digicel Fiji, one of the two mobile network operators in Fiji, is ready to send emergency messages via SMS to the public in times of disaster. 

As quoted in the article, Digicel Fiji CEO, Darrell McLean said: "We will make ourselves and our network available to the authorities which ever department that might fall under and we have historically worked with DISMAC. The challenge for us is that we don't want to go out and pre-empt and fore-warn and become disconnected with what is the official version of events. If Government picks up the phone and says get a message out and tell the people this message, we will act on it and activate that immediately. Our network is available to Government at any time."

Read the full article on Fiji Times Online by clicking here.

Note: DISMAC is the abbreviation for Fiji's Disaster Management Committee.