NetHope Global Summit 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark
08:00 am GMT

Embracing Change for Collective Impact. This year’s theme reflects our optimism for the future and our recognition of the rapid change happening in our sector and in technology. True to NetHope’s legacy, our collaboration to explore, understand, and chart a course  to help our sector use technology well is key to achieving our respective missions.  With a renewed focus on working together, we can fully realize the promise of technology to impact our work, our organizations and our world.

The ETC will be delivering the following session: 

A New Strategy for Humanitarian Connections

From humanitarians and healthcare workers, to national governments and affected populations – everyone responding to emergencies needs access to communications services and digital aid. Through the ‘ETC2020’ strategy, the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) network of partners seeks to achieve this in the coming 5 years.

In this plenary session, the ETC will introduce the strategy, providing an outline of what it is, who is involved and what has been achieved to date. How ETC2020 will impact NetHope members will be examined, as well as how they can become involved in realisation of the vision and the delivery of digital aid. 


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