Let's Comm Digital, Sweden

Revinge, Sweden
11:00 am UTC +1

Applications for the Sweden session are now closed. 

This five-day training course is targeted at humanitarian ICT staff who need skills in deploying DMR Digital radio infrastructure, and who already have a background in analogue VHF communications. This course is provided by the ETC and facilitated by WFP FITTEST Training Services.

How to Apply

To apply for Let's Comm Digital, submit the documentation indicated below via the online application form. Deadline for submitting applications is 24th of April 2016

  • Curriculum Vitae (no particular format is required).
  • Letter of motivation (no more than half a page) that describes how you will use these skills in emergency response or humanitarian work.
  • Nominator's Letter of Support and Committment. PLEASE NOTE: The nominator's letter must include written confirmation that should an emergency strike, the participant will be on the first deployment list.

Since this course has a very specific profile, a selection process is applied. All organisations nominating participants should filter and prioritise their candidates internally before submitting. Please do not submit your application without approval from your correct nominator. 

* For WFP candidates your application must come from either a RITO or Chief. For non-WFP this should ideally be a manager responsible for emergency IT and telecoms across your organisation or region.  For members of Stand-by Partners and volunteer organisations, your application needs to go through the appropriate manager within your organisation, not from you as individuals.

For more information about this course, visit: Let's Comm Digital