Global ETC Webinar: Telecommunications Security Standards (TESS)

Zoom meeting
14:00 pm GMT

ETC is organizing a webinar for the TESS (Telecommunications Security Standards) Project to discuss the new and future standards of security communications.

TESS has been running for one year now. The project has been driven by both the ETC as well as the IASMN (the UN Inter-Agency Security Management Network), mandated by UNDSS (the UN Department of Safety and Security) and coordinate by WFP in collaboration with UN and NGO partners.

It is time to take stock of what we accomplished in the past year, and more importantly, to inform all stakeholders about where we are with current and new security communications standards. We will also take the chance to discuss the future of the project.

In this webinar, Peter Casier, the TESS Senior Programme Manager, will brief everyone on the three TESS Project tracks - or "Project Streams": 

  • Project stream 1: support to field operations
  • Project stream 2: standardization of the currently used technologies, and specifically on the three technical key areas: the new VHF standards - as recently broadcast by UNDSS, the Vehicle Tracking Systems, and Mobile Satellite Systems
  • Project stream 3: the longer term standards, which are now in the early design stages.  

The webinar will be held on Wednesday May 22nd at 14:00 Rome time (GMT+2). The webinar is free for all to join and will offer lots of opportunity for participants to ask questions.

Join us via the Zoom link: