ETC2020 - A New Strategy for Humanitarian Connections

Publication Date

The ‘ETC 2020’ strategy will guide the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) over the next five years as it seeks to realise an ambitious vision. Through ETC2020 the cluster’s role and scope of services will evolve to enable innovative and more effective humanitarian assistance. 

ETC2020 was formally adopted by the ETC membership in April 2015 at the Plenary Meeting in Dubai. 

VISION: By 2020, the ETC in partnership with leading edge technology companies and local telecomm providers, will create an environment for emergency response which allows humanitarian responders, citizens and governments to have a seamless, resilient and principled communications experience in order to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The ETC will be seen as innovative, visionary and a leader in convening the humanitarian technology community, and brokering full service communication solutions between private industry, governments, humanitarians, and communities.

ETC2020 will see a fundamental shift in the way the ETC works; from traditionally providing emergency communications services to the humanitarian community, to serving a wider range of responders, including governments and affected populations.