Dear all,

as a member of RescueNet, I am looking into the communications equipment of our rapid response relief team. So far, on deployments we mainly hired equipment, but every time we had trouble with it. Sometimes the desired equipment was not readily available. Other times, the equipment was incompatible with the programmers from FITTEST / ETC.

In line with our goal to become more and more professional, we realize that we need to buy the equipment ourselves. Of course, our radio's will need to be compatible with the ETC programmers.

In the S4.0 service description, it states that radio programming will be supported for 'specific brands and models'. But where can I find a list of these supported brands and models? This is critical for us to select the right equipment.

Also, the S1.0 service states that emergency channels should be pre-programmed by us, but only specifies very broad VHF and UHF bandwidths. Where can I find these frequencies, and are there preferred channels to use in specific geographical areas?

I am looking forward to a successful collaboration on the field!

Greetings from Holland,
Gert Jan Pieterse