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Sharing Internet in Uganda to Save and Protect Lives

A young boy down by the river was yelling at a cow. He had the same pose my niece has when she’s yelling at the neighbour’s dog. I could almost hear him yelling “No Frankie, this is where I play and that’s where you play!” He wasn’t of course. I have no idea what he was saying. He seemed to be quite entertained by the cow though.

The young cow-yeller is one of hundreds of thousands of children who have fled to northern Uganda, escaping violence and political instability in South Sudan. Since December 2013, over one million South Sudanese have fled their homes to Uganda, which now has the dubious distinction of being the top refugee-hosting country in Africa and third in the world.

In response to the massive assistance and protection needs, the UNHCR-led Refugee Emergency Telecommunications Sector (RETS) mobilised for the very first time to provide shared internet connectivity, security communications and user support services to UNHCR, partners and the wider humanitarian community. Over 500 humanitarians are now using RETS internet connectivity at six sites across northern Uganda – Bidibidi, Imvepi, Ocea, Palabek, Palorinya and Rhino settlements.

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